About Project

The project „The use of modern technology to support the organic sector in Europe”

aims is to develop oenological education in Poland, according to the latest international standards and the idea of permaculture, through the development of comprehensive oenological Knowledge Base.
As part of the Knowledge Base will be prepared the course of vocational education and training for future oenologists, wine-growers and winemakers.

Knowledge Base will contain substantive materials in the form of, among other things: 3 modules on the vines, the vineyard and vinification, and a manual for the analysis of weather events in the vineyard with the mobile application and models of disease. The learning process will promote modern tools (application supporting the process of learning, movies, animations), using educational techniques (like mnemonics).

There are defined the following objectives to which the project will contribute to:

1. facilitate access to knowledge and skills in the field of viticulture and wine production in accordance with the laws of nature (permaculture)
2. improve the quality of education in the wine-making sector in accordance with international standards and methods based on the work
3. raising the professional qualifications of workers, trainees and faculty, and industry experts oenological
4. improve the quality of services of wine, thanks to the implementation of cooperation with foreign partners and implementation of good practices
5. establishment of a permanent international cooperation based on mutual benefit, combined with the foreign practices between the partners, enriched by the exchange of experiences and good practices

Target groups of the project in the European context:

1. people working in the wine-making sector (leading and / or establish vineyards)
2. members and staff associations of wine
3. graduates of agricultural schools who wish to continue their education in the direction of „winogrodnik” (agronomist), „enologist” or „sommelier”
4. The staff of colleges and schools, which would be formed the subject of a wine

Activities will be covered by representatives of the wine-making sector, who want to improve their professional skills.

Co-funded by Erasmus+ of the European Union



Project „The use of modern technology to support the organic sector in Europe”  is implemented from 1 December 2016 until 28 February 2019 year. Details soon.